International Biometric Society Regional Conference

Our main activity is our regional biennial conference held in odd years. Our last conference was the 2023 conference.

Biometrics in the Bush Capital (TBA)

2025-11-23 – 2025-11-29

Canberra, ACT, Australia

Biometrics in the Bay of Islands

2023-11-28 – 2023-12-01

Bays of Island, Waitangi, New Zealand

Biometrics by the Botanic Gardens

2019-12-03 – 2019-12-06

Adelaide, SA, Australia

Biometrics by the Border

2017-11-26 – 2017-11-30

Kingscliff, NSW, Australia

Biometrics by the Harbour

2015-11-29 – 2015-12-03

Hobart, TAS, Australia

Biometrics by the Canals

2013-12-01 – 2013-12-05

Mandurah, WA, Australia

Biometrics by the Blowholes

2011-12-04 – 2011-12-08

Kiama, NSW, Australia

Biometrics by the Lake

2009-11-29 – 2009-12-03

Lake Taupo, New Zealand

International Biometric Conference

We highly recommend attending the biennial International Biometric Conference (IBC) meetings, which are held in the off-year to our regional meetings, although the planned meeting in Seoul in 2020 was not held. In 2022 it was held in Riga, Latvia. Conference organisers can use these Conference Manual & Annexes.

See below for further details of previous international conferences.

IBC Atlanta

2024-12-08 – 2024-12-13

Atlanta, Georgia

IBC Riga

2022-07-10 – 2022-07-15

Riga, Latvia

IBC Barcelona

2018-07-08 – 2018-07-13

Barcelona, Spain

IBC Victoria

2016-07-10 – 2016-07-15

Victoria, Canada

IBC Florence

2014-07-06 – 2014-07-11

Florence, Italy

IBC Kobe

2012-07-01 – 2012-07-06

Kobe, Japan

IBC Florianopolis

2010-07-11 – 2010-07-16

Florianopolis, Brazil

IBC Dublin

2008-07-06 – 2008-07-11

Dublin, Ireland

Other conferences of interest

If you have a conference of relevance to the biometrical community in Australia or New Zealand, then please contact the contact the Webmaster with details.